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Erosion Control

Dry Slopes Erosion Control

Surface erosion control, dependent on the morphology and exposure of the slope can be achieved using natural biodegradable ECMs (Erosion Control Mats) such as Ecovernet, or Ecovermat or in more complicated cases synthetic ECMs such as KMat.

On extreme slopes reinforced synthetic ECMs such as XGrid AM can be used.


  • Ecovermat Grass
  • Ecovermat P Grass
  • Ecovermat PC 450
  • Ecovernet J500 XL
  • KMat L
  • KMat L Green
  • KMat L LB
  • KMat Mini L
  • KMat Mini L Grass
  • KMat Mini L LB
  • KMat Super L
  • KMat Super L Green
  • KMat Super L J
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 20 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 35 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 55 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 80 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 110 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 150 S
  • XGrid PET-PVC AM 200 S

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