Handmade wall sculptures


These circular & spiral platters are vibrant, versatile and very contemporary. They can be arranged into infinite patterns and also combined with our floral ranges to suit a defined space or style.

Colors have a significant impact on the mood of our homes. Render your emotions through color and texture in your space with the stylized lotus collection, customized in bright hues to suit all your moods!


All pieces are ceramic and each disc is given a varying texture and color, keeping Spirals as the central theme.


The Mural is installed on a board of the exact size of the wall. The board is painted a charcoal grey which brings out the vibrant hues of the discs. The discs are hung at varying heights, raised by supporting pieces stuck behind them. This creates an interesting rhythm and depth through the mural. What makes them unique is that though they belong to the same collection, each piece & cluster is different. Abstract, yet contained, this range can brighten up a hallway, a living room or a reception with its engaging patterns and colours.

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