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With legal decree 36 of January 13th 2003, Italy adopted European decree 99/31/CE which divided landfills into three classes:

  1. landfills for inert waste
  2. landfills for non-hazardous waste
  3. landfills for hazardous waste

Modern landfills must be designed and built to create a geological barrier to isolate the waste from the ground, to respect the biosphere and standards of cleanliness as well as to re-use the biogas created to generate energy.

The structure of a landfill can generally be synthesized as follows:

  1. foundations and base of the landfill
  2. waterproofing of the base and sides
  3. drainage of the percolate
  4. compacted layers of waste
  5. covering of the various strata
  6. collection of the biogas
  7. capping

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