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THIS IS.... one of the best gifts you could give to your 'little treasure'. I present to you 'Footprints on the sands of....ceramic'. It's such a beautiful idea to preserve your little one's prints as a memorable souvenir, for posterity. I imagine if my parents had done it for me, I'd be damned excited to know how tiny & cute my hands were (ok, maybe not 'cute' but ....you know what I mean).


Presenting customized Name Plaques! - capture your baby's memories in clay through these one of a kind plaques.

Each name has a SPECIAL meaning and POWER behind it.Let us be a part of your childrens name and make a lifelong memory for them through our fully customized HAND-PRINT name plaques!

The name Meisha is of Arabic origin and means 'alive', she who lives! It also means 'smile' in Sanskrit! Capture your little one's hand & foot prints on a customized name plaque for a lifelong cherished gift!

A FATHER and SON relationship is beautiful! Mark a special day with your little one by being a part of this unique Father-Son hand print experience! Get in touch for more details.

GIFT your child the unmatched experience of making their own name plaque with hand & foot prints captured in clay for all eternity. You could even gift this unique experience to a friend and their child!

A DAUGHTER IS MOM'S BEST FRIEND! Come, experience the joy of creating a Mother-Daughter hand plaque, a memory you and your princess will cherish for a long time to come!

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