Stone Crete Plaster

What is Stone Crete Plaster?

Stone Crete Plaster is composed of a mix of elements: cement, coarse aggregate (usually crushed stone), fine marble powder and water. You can change the look of the finished plaster by making changes in the elements using white cement instead of gray cement, for example, or using crushed colored glass in place of crushed stone. These choices can change the look of exposed aggregate concrete dramatically.

Special decorative aggregates frequently used for exposed Stone Crete Plaster and include a variety of decorative stones in many different colors. While Stone Crete Plaster finishers usually hide the aggregate with a smooth layer of cement paste, you can create aesthetically appealing looks by exposing the aggregate.Stone Crete Plaster is a 10 to 12 mm thick granular effect decorative texture.

Why Stone Crete Plaster?

♦ SIf you want rough and tough finished walls Grit Wash Plaster is the right choice for construction external walls. This is Better known as Exposed Stone Crete Plaster This process is hardy decorative finish can easily withstand all types of bad weather conditions.

♦ It is a permanent and maintenance free coating. It is ideal coating for Colleges, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Commercial Complexes and Public Building.

♦ Hard, crack free surface, which also resists growth of algae and fungus and penetration of water and moisture.

♦ A great alternative of natural stone for exterior.

♦ It’s an economical, long-lasting and maintenance-free plaster.

♦ You can create aesthetically appealing looks by exposing the aggregate.

♦ Expose aggregate is a hardest texture with rich granular effect.

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